Everyone loves an underdog – so get ready.

Dylan Thomas Cotter is a proud transgender activist, artist, author, motivational speaker, bodybuilder, accountability coach and creative marketing strategist.

When you meet Dylan and hear his life story, you’ll understand why the words “amazing” and “inspiring” are frequently used to describe him. You’ll understand that he is a force, constantly in motion, and building towards a future that empowers diverse voices and pushes for success and inclusion of people from all protected characteristics and walks of life.

Aside from his work achievements chronicled below, Dylan has successfully persevered through and overcome many personal and professional obstacles in his life including, childhood bullying, intimate partner violence, hate crimes, employment discrimination, and health & wellness challenges detailed in his second book entitled TRANSGENDER ANTIHERO: The Life And Times of Dylan Thomas Cotter [UNPACKED].

Dylan is originally from NJ, having moved to California in 2002, he successfully put himself through college and is a graduate of The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. After spending numerous years working in production as a Gaffer and Key Grip for various independent productions and growing tired of having to chase down his paychecks from indie producers, he decided to pivot his career and went to work in retail studio expendables sales at Studio Depot. He was then offered a full-time position at an independent record label where he would work for three and a half years where he would ultimately become self-taught in web design, graphic design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Dylan holds one of the rarest MBTI as that of an INTJ and much like his Nan is an avid self-educator to which he attributes both his tenacity and love of the pursuit of knowledge and personal development.

Throughout his years in production expendables and music Dylan held multiple part-time positions and worked on many side projects while concurrently working full-time. He worked part-time in public relations and event planning for a small art gallery in Santa Monica and has also designed multiple pieces of marketing collateral on a freelance basis for many independent productions, entertainers, and startups.

In 2012 Dylan went to work for Studio Depot’s parent company and North America’s largest motion picture manufacturer; Mole-Richardson Company as an Associate Creative Director. During his time at Mole-Richardson Company, he helped manage an in-house printing studio, managed all-digital brand communications, assisted in designing all brand marketing collateral, and attended and participated in industry panels as a public speaker.

Cotter was then recruited by the world’s leading motion picture lighting and grip equipment rental supplier as. Creative Strategist where the crafted the “Strategic Plan Cinelease – Europe” pitch deck that successfully aided in securing multi-million dollar financing for the U.K. expansion from Cinelease’s parent company Hertz. In 2014 Dylan then went on to open his own marketing and design agency; Cotter The Creative.

Throughout the success of his agency, Dylan has had the pleasure of working on many intriguing projects including a social media brand awareness campaign for an arts education augmented reality app that was featured by Apple. He was concurrently the founder and editor for the popular short-lived entertainment equipment trade publication Motion Picture Lighting And Grip and also served as Chief Marketing Officer for an entertainment industry career based SaaS startup. Cotter has also provided social media services for a number of well-known entertainment professionals. Unbeknownst to the masses, millions of people have viewed Dylan’s work as he has created and managed social media content for some of the world’s most well-known music legacy accounts. 

In January of 2019, Dylan began a social media therapy exercise that would result in a successful business venture. For 32 years of his life, Cotter avoided mirrors and having his photo taken as much as possible. He hated how he looked and it took a significant toll on his overall well-being. Dylan Thomas Cotter began his physical transition in January of 2016.

Throughout his physical transition, he began a self workout regimen that resulted in him losing over 65 pounds. In January of 2019, he decided to build an Instagram account as a therapeutic test to become more comfortable with his personal appearance and to seek out connections with others like himself.

(Left – Dylan Thomas Cotter 2016, Right Dylan Thomas Cotter – 2016)

As he became more comfortable in his body as a queer transgender man, he decided to apply his professional marketing skills to his own personal brand. He targeted followers and decided to reach out to brands that resonated with him and his community. 

In a little over a year, Dylan successfully developed an audience of over 11,000 and business relationships, strategic partnerships, affiliations, and event partnerships with Scruff, Pure For Men, Skull and Bones NY,  #ILoveGay LGBT, the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Trans* Lounge among others. He has modeled in social media campaigns for Scruff, Pure For Men, and Skull and Bones NY.

Dylan believes there is truly a market for everyone. He is a firm believer that when one trans, gnc and/or enby community member does well that it helps the community collectively move the needle forward creating positive visibility, awareness and creates more opportunities and respect for our vibrant community.  

When he’s not working, Dylan enjoys writing, volunteering, creating digital content, training for the 2021 transgender bodybuilding competition, and creating digital art.

Dylan is a proud recipient of the Soze Foundation’s Artist + Activist Relief Fund Grant.

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