Dylan Thomas Cotter is a proud transgender community advocate and activist.

Whether he is attending a trans community rally, protest, committee meeting, and/or teaching a community-centric class, you can often find Dylan using his voice both in person and via his growing online platform to work towards building positive visibility for the transgender community.

Dylan was the first Co-Chair for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council LGBTQIA Advocates Committee and is a proud current committee member.

In Mr. Cotter’s free time he volunteers with The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Trans* Lounge Program where he has developed and taught an online course: “Creating Economic Opportunities and Developing Your Personal Brand via Social Media”. He has helped coordinate a group fitness class program for the trans and enby community and strategically connected the Trans* Lounge program (membership of 3,000+) with a fitness sweat equity program to assist low-income trans and enby community members to work out in a boutique fitness studio for work exchange time.


About The Los Angeles LGBT Center Trans* Lounge Program:

The Trans* Lounge is The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s groundbreaking education and empowerment program dedicated to serving Los Angeles’ trans and gender-expansive community. Anyone who identifies as trans/gnc/enby is welcome to become a member of the Trans* Lounge. It is free to join and once you are a member, all of the Trans* Lounge programs (workshops, labs, groups, and events) are free as well!


About The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council LGBTQIA Advocates Committee:

Silver Lake is rich in LGBTQIA history and has been a gathering place and home for queer people for decades. The purpose of the Silver Lake LGBTQIA Committee is to ensure that Silver Lake remains a safe and welcoming neighborhood for LGBTQIA people, businesses, and events, and for the exchange of ideas relating to LGBTQIA matters as they pertain to Silver Lake stakeholders and Angelenos at large. The committee advocates for LGBTQIA people and exists to ensure that LGBTQIA people are fairly represented and considered for every community issue. Guest speakers from various LGBTQIA agencies and from the City are invited to attend committee meetings to educate committee members and attendees on available resources. Meetings are open to the public and to all LGBTQIA people and allies.